The Best 5 Signs That Show You’re Healing Emotionally

How to know you're experiencing emotional healing

Emotional healing is not an overnight fix—especially when it relates to a loved one. Think about healing your energy centers and well-being the same as healing a broken bone. It will take time, many visits with yourself, the assistance of others, and patience.

When it comes to working with yourself through your past traumas, it is a healing journey. I know this journey all too well.

I remember the initial fears, sleepless nights, depression, and so much more. When many people went through the Year to Clear, it opened their eyes to how messy this journey can be. It’s messy and unpredictable, but it is worth every tear, conversation, and moment of your time.

When you begin to heal emotionally, you begin to create affluence in your daily life. Affluence means an abundance of flow and prosperity. As you begin Mastering Affluence, you will become truly prosperous and abundant in the main six areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and in relationships. Mastering affluence and emotional healing go hand in hand.

Oftentimes, we don’t see our progress because the healing steps are small and inconspicuous. Open up and come on this journey with me as I explain how you will see the five signs you’re emotional healing on the Year to Clear.

5 Signs You’re Healing Emotionally

You are not alone on this healing process, even if it is your first time. People all around the world experience the same ups and downs as you and I experience during the Year to Clear. I remember my rocky marriage and lack of spending money, and I especially remember thinking I couldn’t heal after every conventional medical therapy didn’t work.

Your life experiences are unique, but the signs you are healing emotionally are felt by many. Consider these five signs:

1. Your thoughts are more positive and calm.

Your wounds no longer define you as a person. It is time to start letting go and become your own energy healer. Tap into your inner child because you are not your childhood trauma. You are not someone who needs to dredge up bad emotional memories. You no longer feel the need to talk about these pains or blurt them out in every conversation.

Rather, you focus your time on new skills, and these become you. More often than not, these were always who you were; you just didn’t have room in your energy center to embrace these skills as yourself. Now, your skills allow you to create positive dreams and goals like weight loss or a new job. These are so attainable, you’ll wonder why you ever waited! The days of “I can’t do this” are behind you. Every “can’t” turned into “I can”.

“I’ve felt more connected to myself and care more about what I want and need instead of what others think I need.” – Jared M.

2. Life feels like it’s getting better.

You enter a state of happiness you have never felt before. There isn’t any condition or connection to any particular event. You are at peace. You are content. You are in a place where you no longer let yourself get down. Instead, you accept this new state of mind as an opportunity for new challenges and allow yourself to dive in headfirst. Whether it is a new business, certification, adventure, or whatever makes you happy, that is what you focus on every single day; and you love it!

“[Carol Tuttle] is the missing puzzle piece that has helped me recognize and clear all the limiting beliefs that were stuck for so long.” – Becky G.

3. Your relationships are getting better.

When you begin to heal on the inside, the positivity is visible on the outside. You truly wear your heart on your sleeve and have a smile on your face every day. Your outer experience reflects the higher vibration back to you. Your friendships will flourish and new individuals will cross your path that brings you joy. You feel encouraged when it comes to being with people in relationships. You stop feeling lonely because you are content with the bond you have with each individual.

“I went from a woman who only saw ugliness in her reflection, to one who learned to appreciate the beauty without and within.” – Patty

4. Your finances are improving.

Before you begin to heal emotionally, you realize your fears and anxiety involving money begin to melt away. Since you are more content with who you are and how you feel about yourself, you stop spending money on external healers. By this, I mean alcohol, drugs, shopping, and other external factors that bring you a fake feeling of happiness. These simply mask your pain and numb you to your internal problems. As soon as you begin to heal, you start to spend money on things that matter to you (like those new ventures I mentioned in number two).

“I want to thank Carol Tuttle from the bottom of my heart, for being part of the amazing transformation I’ve gone through in the last six years.” – Karen E.

5. Your health is changing for the better.

Gone are the days of headaches, sleepless nights, constant colds, and other aches and pains. Once you heal your internal emotions, you have an opportunity to focus on your healthy lifestyle and physical health. You learn about what works and doesn’t work for your body. Since you are consistently damaging it numb the pain you feel, you will recognize what you need to do to feel at 100 percent every day.

“It is about drawing forward the deep well of who we are to all aspects of our being, outside and inside.” – Rebecca

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Experience Emotional Healing with a “Year to Clear”

During your Year to Clear, you will learn something very important (that I and everyone else had to learn to): you must heal yourself before you can give back to others. If you have healed yourself, you cannot properly help others heal from their own pain. It’s easy as individuals to put our personal needs aside to care for others, but our own journey of healing will directly affect those around us. If you can’t understand how you healed (because you haven’t yet), you may lead someone down the wrong emotional healing journey path.

While many will try and say it’s normal to feel down and it’s a feeling you need to accept, don’t let that happen to you. I don’t feel sad anymore. If I had kept listening to doctors telling me that a pill will fix me and others who were just as emotionally damaged saying we will never heal, I wouldn’t be here right now. Since I have healed, I can now take my personal experience and teach you about mastering affirmation, embarking on a Year to Clear journey, and recognizing the signs that you are healing emotionally.

This isn’t a journey you can take on your own, and you shouldn’t feel like you have no resources. I am here to help you through my Healing Center. I can show you the way and give you concrete steps that work. You have to say on course and accept every up and down of your journey. It’s worth it. Check out my starting guide, blog, and other areas of my site to find access to resources that will help you conquer your emotional healing journey. I believe in you and look forward to hearing about your successful healing journey.

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