The Numerology & Energetic Meaning of 2024

What does the energy of 2024 have in store for us?

Each year carries a brand new energy with it. The energy of 2024 will affect you in one of two ways.

How in tune are you with your inner world? That will be the determining factor in how this year plays out for you.

Before we get started on the numerology and energetics of 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the outcomes of 2023. How did 2023 play out for you?

What do you need to know about the year 2024? In this video, we’ll look at 3 aspects of the year and how those affect us, and the potential for good in our lives:

The Energy Profile of 2024
The Numerology of 2024
The Chakra Energy of 2024

What is the Energy Profile of 2024?

(1:26) The Energy Profile of 2024 is an inward moving energy of double Type 2, and singular Type 4. It’s the year for turning inward to your emotions, and inward to your thoughts. It’s a time for us to clean up and clear out the mental and emotional junk!  

(Learn more about how 2024 affects the four Energy Types with, What Type is the Year 2024? How Each Type Thrives This Year)

We all experience both an inner and outer world. Our emotions and thoughts compose our inner world, and our physical experience is our outer world.

The world is very focused on outer experience. God wants us to go within and clean up and clear out the turmoil in our inner world. Cleaning up old emotional programs clearing out outdated, unproductive, negative thinking. Letting go of habits of self-deprecation and judgment of others.

(2:21) On a scale of 1-5, how active, noisy, and cluttered is your inner world? The energy of 2024 will be putting energetic pressure on you to do your inner healing. Training your brain to only think the thoughts you want it to will be a huge advantage for you this upcoming year. The best solution for healing and connecting with your inner world is my online Healing Center. You’ll learn energy healing practices and CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, to help clear your thoughts and energy. In my Healing Center, you’ll find CBT tools, EFT clearings, affirmations, sound meditations, and scripts to aid and support the health of your inner world.

What can numerology teach us about 2024?

(6:31) Let’s add up 2024 to look at the numerology of 2024.
2 + 2 + 0 + 4 = 8

The number 8 is one of my favorite in numerology as it represents the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents our connection between heaven and earth, coming through our heart center. 

What does that mean for you? The heavens will be open and active more than they have ever been. This will allow you to connect with the divine energy more readily.

We need the assistance of heaven more than ever, so this is a great advantage for those who choose to access it, through our inner world. The divine access comes through Grace. (8:10) I call this Grounding with Grace. We should strive to be beings of grace, not only in behavior and practice but in essence.

One of the tools that I use to connect with God and access grace is the Creation Journal. When I write in it each evening, I use it as an expression of gratitude in an affirmative way. Thanking God for what I hope for as if it has already come into my experience.

Daily practices of connecting your understanding of heaven to your earthly experience will be very powerful. I am excited for all of us.

How the Chakra Energy for 2024 goes beyond what you may now know.

(10:18) In my book, The Modern Chakra Guide, I teach about the 7 primary chakras.  

You may not know this, but there are 5 more chakras that are referred to as the “higher chakras,” which brings us to 12 chakras. The 8th chakra energy is just above the crown chakra and is the bridge to receive God’s Grace.

I am a big believer that at the time in which we live, we truly need the Grace of God to assist us. The 8th chakra is being activated more than it has ever been. This is great if you are in a position of receiving, but for those who have anger, resentment, fear, “stuff” not resolved, it interferes with your access to Grace.

Your adult self has the opportunity to go inward to do the healing for your inner child. Show up and do the things that you can do, using the Healing Center as a support. God’s Grace will make up the difference.

I hope you’ll join us in the Healing Center. I recommend you start with the free Energy Healing Basics Guide. In it, you’ll be introduced to the whys and what-fors of energy healing and how it can work in your healing journey.

Start your (FREE) Energy Healing Basics Guide here!

Be a person who goes within. Who makes daily connections with heaven and the divine in your way. And, expect miracles and the Grace of God to help you manifest more affluence, ease, and joy in your life.  

Who’s excited for 2024? What is something that you are committed to cleaning up this coming year?

Bless you,

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