Top 5 Limiting Beliefs That Age you

Plus tips to remove this negative programing that secretly ages you

Think back to all the times when you were younger. You’d look ahead at your life and imagine yourself at a certain age.

No matter how many years into the future this would be, you had ideas and beliefs projected onto your future self.

And I can guarantee those ideas and beliefs were mostly negative. How do I know? Because that’s exactly how I used to be! I used to hold such negative beliefs about the aging process.

But here’s the thing: when negative beliefs and programs run your life, you live with underlying stress that ages you. Fear and negativity take a toll on your physical body. Not only that, they stunt and stop you from living a full and fulfilled life.

Let’s examine what these limiting beliefs are and what you can do about them.

Top 5 Limiting Beliefs That Age you

  1. “I’ll lose my beauty as I age.”
  2. Our culture is obsessed with youth. From a very early age, we all were programmed to believe being young = being beautiful.

    We’re scared of losing our youth, because we believe it means we won’t be attractive anymore.

    So as women age, we begin leaning into the mirror and identifying every line and micro flaw. Now it’s all you see.


    Address the fixation of zeroing in on your changing body. It’s truly not a problem—our bodies are supposed to change with age!

    Then, replace that belief with these positive ones:

    “I am creating getting older to be a positive and desirable experience.
    I am beautiful and attractive at every age I am.”

  3. “I’ll be forgotten when I’m older.”
  4. Friends move away. Parents pass on. Children grow up and become busy with their own families.

    You look around and often see elderly people by themselves. It feels like life is moving past them, and they go unnoticed.

    This creates the story in your mind that you’ll have that experience too.


    Cultivate friendships and connections with others—no matter your age. Actively seek out new experiences that light you up.

    Then, replace that belief with these positive ones:

    “I am a blessing to my family as I share the wisdom and insight that I have acquired throughout my life.
    I am worthwhile no matter my ability to do anything.”

  5. “My body will inevitably break down.”
  6. Or how about this one: “I’m getting old. I just have to learn to live with pain.”

    Consider the possibility that your body presents physical conditions as a result of emotional blocks. I experienced this for years with plantar fasciitis until I eventually healed it. I see all physical issues as a message from the body, telling you what needs healing in your life. If not addressed, these emotional blocks eventually accumulate in your older years and begin to break down your body.


    Begin the healing process now, and pay attention to what your body is telling you! Remember not to isolate any physical condition as only that: physical! It’s there because of an underlying emotional reason.

    Then, replace that belief with these positive ones:

    “I am maintaining a strong healthy body as I age.
    I am free of any family conditions and health patterns that would create negative outcomes.”

  7. “I’ll struggle financially after retirement.”
  8. Maybe you saw this happen to your parents or grandparents. You saw them trying to make ends meet with a limited and fixed income as they worried about health insurance, medical bills, or having to make financial decisions about their living situation.

    The fear of not having your basic needs met keeps you stuck and holding tightly onto your money. You try to save, invest, and plan ahead. But you don’t feel like you will ever have enough money.


    Make an appointment with a trusted financial advisor to create a plan. You may even be in better shape than you originally believed!

    Next it’s time to do the inner work! You can easily clear the blocks that prevent you from being affluent by aligning with the energy of money. you don’t feel like you will ever have enough money

    Then, replace that belief with these positive ones:

    “I am financially prepared and affluent in my older years.
    I am making correct and wise decisions now that set me up for a life of affluence, ease, and joy as I age.”

  9. “I’ll run out of time.”
  10. This is probably the most debilitating belief about getting older, because you see it everywhere. You see people who never lived the life they truly wanted to live.

    But this does not have to be your experience. You are the creator of your world, not the victim of time.

    You can take your life into your own hands, moving forward with empowered determination—no matter how old you are.


    Allow yourself to be inspired by others who are doing the things you want to do, and then go for it! You will not only inspire others, but you will fulfill your soul’s purpose at the same time.

    Then, replace that belief with these positive ones:

    “I have all the time I need to do and experience what I am meant to experience in my lifetime.
    I am creating a wonderful life for myself at all ages of my life.”

Reprogram all the limiting beliefs about aging.

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