5 Horrible Habits That Keep You From Growing Rich

Plus, five things you can do right now to reverse those habits.

You have a relationship with money that YOU are creating.

Money is a neutral resource to which you give power. Your patterns with money are dictated by your beliefs, feelings, and language about money.

Money will either reward you or cause challenges in your life. It is up to you to tell money what you want it to do for you.

In my work with assisting thousands of people to free themselves of patterns of lack and to start creating affluent lives, I have found that most people have these habits and beliefs that keep them from attracting more money.

The 5 Horrible Habits That Keep You From Growing Rich

5. Saying, “We don’t have enough money.”

A lot of people believe there is not enough money, and their life reflects that belief.

With this negative thought, you literally broadcast a flow of negative energy into your life and attract back into your world the experience you are afraid of. If, however, these thoughts are replaced with new, healthier beliefs, you will create an abundance of wealth.

I highly recommend using this Healing Oil, “I am rich” to support you in creating positive thoughts about money.

The next time you want to say, “I don’t have enough money,” replace it with this:

“I always have enough money and more!”

4. You believe, “Money is evil/worldly/bad.”

Money has been given a bad rap for centuries. The money-is-evil storyline has been handed down for generations. Did you hear this, or something like it, in your family growing up?

But money itself doesn’t do anything evil. It’s a neutral energy with no morality. The person with the money projects their morality onto it.

This means you get to determine how you want to experience wealth and success.

You get to choose if your wealth and success will make a positive difference or spread suffering to others. It’s really up to you.

Keeping yourself poor is not helping anyone and will not make it fairer for other people who have less than you.

The next time you begin to feel or say, “Money is bad,” substitute this positive affirmation:

“I love money, and money loves me!”

3. “We have too many bills.”

What is your typical response to bills or expenses in your life? Most people feel a mix of anxiety or anger. “Oh crap! How am I going to afford this?”

The next time something unexpected or inconvenient shows up that costs money, try responding with this empowering sentence instead:

“Good thing we’re rich!”

Changing your instinctive response can open you up to a more affluent mindset—and even attract more money to you to take care of expenses.

And remember, you don’t have to feel rich to say this. It may even feel untrue to you at first—because you’ve become so conditioned by the energy of lack in your life. But keep at it! What matters is that you are changing the programming in your mind to adopt a new way of thinking and behaving toward money.

2. Saying, “We’re always falling short/getting into debt.”

Why does this pattern keep showing up for you? Because you are not aware of the little things you think and say every day that keep you creating what you don’t want with money.

Negative money beliefs run like a hidden software program, sabotaging your best intentions. What goes on in your subconscious wields much power, perhaps even more so than your conscious mind.

Replace this phrase with a powerful substitute:

“I am allowing the money to show up for me.”

And now for the #1 Horrible Habit that millions of people say everyday…

1. “I can’t afford it.”

How many times have you said this phrase in the past week?

It’s a common habit and it feels correct to say it. Yet, every time you do, your energy puts out the message, “Keep me in a state of not being able to afford what I want.”

I am often asked, “But Carol, what if I really can’t afford what I want?” My answer: Then start pretending you can!

It’s a game that you play with your mind and emotions. You have a great imagination, and the rule of manifesting what you want is to focus on it and get excited about it. That does not mean you move into action and make a purchase if you do not have the money.

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