7 of The Most Effective Energy Healing Techniques

Your energy system is made up of impulses, thoughts, and vibration. Just like the digestive system or nervous system, your energy is its own complete system within the body. When this system gets blocked or becomes unbalanced, it makes it difficult to function at full capacity. You might struggle with finding inspiration, feeling grounded, staying focused, or feeling at peace when your energy system is off-kilter.

I have been through so many times in my life when my energy system was way off! It can feel disorienting and sometimes you don’t even know what is wrong. Years ago, I got so tired of feeling negative and struggling as a mother! I started working on my energy healing practice to move myself to a more naturally grounded and healthy state. But the more you work on healing your energy system, the more you will catch when something gets out of balance. I want to show you the techniques I use for energy healing that I know will work for you.

What is Energy Healing?

For thousands of years, people from China through India practiced various forms of healing that focused on the energy system. It draws on the ancient wisdom within each person to heal disease and illness. From mental weaknesses to physical ailments, energy healing believes any deviation from a balanced energy system will lead to illness in the mind, body, or soul.

Energy healing is moving toxic and negative energy out of our bodies. I have already written the Energy Healing Basics Guide and you can watch my video answering “What is Energy Healing?” right here.

I completely understand you might feel skeptical about energy healing. My Energy Healing Basics Guide can help you get up to speed on energy healing terms and beginning steps. There is so much to benefit from. I really want you to learn how to do this!

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing is used to treat ailments, especially those related to mental health. Often, our illnesses are caused by a disturbance in our balanced energy flow, so energy healing addresses those blockages and barriers. When the flow of energy is restored, you will experience healing.

This is an ongoing journey of healing. Once you start to feel better with a balanced energy system, you will notice when a block or dislocation occurs. Just like when your arm is dislocated, you really take notice. Right now, you are so blocked and out of balance that your place of hurt has become your normal. It is very hard to judge your state of being when you have been there for a long time.

It is time to get those energy systems back into a circular flow that connects your chakra centers. At first, it might feel strange and uncomfortable, but your practice will improve your technique and response. With a healthy energy system, you will experience a connection to the universe, God, and other people like never before. There are so many benefits to energy healing that will directly impact your quality of life:

Relationships improve. As you find a better balance within, your relationships with people will change! You will stop putting extra pressure and expectations on them, and you will accept them for who they are. You will have more peace that doesn’t rely on the behavior of others.

Divine connection and inspiration. When you aren’t blocking yourself, it is far easier to recognize the impact and voice of God within your life. Sometimes we get too busy and mentally blocked to hear him. Getting into a balanced state allows us to receive his blessings and hear his call.

Better physical health. The energy systems directly affect your physical wellbeing. A gap or block in the energy flow leads to sickness, colds, pains, injury, disease, and more.

Stable mental health. Your mood and state of mind will be much better off when your energy system is balanced and open.

More money. You are going to have more financial success and do better in your career when you are at a good place with your energy system. A balanced system with a proper flow of energy will take you to a place of confidence where you work hard with integrity and aren’t afraid to ask for the raise you deserve!

Better relationship with spending money. Not only will you make more money, but you will also keep more money! A healthy state of the energy system will keep you from feeling those urges to overspend. You will feel contentment and make better purchases with fewer impulse splurges. When you do spend money, you will buy things that bring joy into your life.

Feeling of purpose. People who have their energy system open will have a direct connection between their lower chakras and their upper chakras. This means you will be able to connect your inspiration to your action, creating purpose.

Experiencing peace. You will feel good for no reason and experience peace when your energy systems are correctly keeping the energy flowing throughout your body and mind. You won’t feel distracted by the future or anxieties—you will act with both thoughtfulness and intuition combined.

Ability to focus. When your energy centers are aligned and the chakra healing is complete, your focus will not be divided. You will not be flighty, flakey, or scattered. You will have a surety and confidence that comes from inner balance and access to your intuition. When you set out to do a task, you will consider the best path and then persevere until that task is completed.

Scientific Principles Behind Energy Healing

You’ve heard the terms “good vibes” or “killing the vibes.” Everything around us vibrates with energy. We are vibrating too! Happy people tend to vibrate at a higher level or frequency. You can sometimes feel the energy, like if you walk into a tense conversation or experience an event filled with the roar of cheering people. Since we can’t see the energy, we sometimes don’t give it the attention it deserves. Certain energy healing practices aim to harness and control that energy or vibration surrounding us.

There are a number of hospitals, including Yale University hospital, that practice energy healing through techniques like Reiki. In 2010, research at Yale found cardiac function improved with the use of Reiki for energy healing. A randomized test in 2004 placed some participants on a Reiki treatment and others on a placebo treatment with significant improvements in the group that was truly doing energy healing work. A year later those people were still reporting impacts from the therapy received during the study. One participant in the study noted:

“I believe that . . . we store experiences, traumas, pain, and positive things in our bodies as energy. And that they continue to affect us through our lives if we don’t move them, release them, address them, and that this [energetic healing] is a truly deep and effective way to move beyond that.”

And this is so true! There are many more examples where energy therapies and healing techniques have been proven to work as well as (or even better than) mediation.

My 7 Most Famous Energy Healing Techniques

I want you to understand that these techniques go far beyond me. I have worked to simplify and codify them into easy-to-follow treatments for you, but these are not concepts I made up on my own. This practice has been around for thousands of years and goes back to an ancient source of wisdom we all have buried deep within. As we unlock that source, you will begin to feel the right and wrong steps on your own.

But, I have helped so many people with these techniques, and I want you to benefit from healing too. Here are seven of my top energy healing techniques:

Reiki Healing

There are a lot of hand movement techniques and symbols used in this practice. This is the “laying on hands” form of healing that channels energies of the universe into the body for healing. The vibrations around the physical body are raised, detaching the negative thoughts, and ridding them from the body. The goal is to reduce stress and increase relaxation to promote healing. This approach to energy healing can be used to treat the flu, colds, headaches, gut issues, heart disease, and more.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

I’m sure you will see me use tapping in my videos as we work through certain barriers in our energy systems. This tapping can also be called psychological acupressure and helps you mentally and physically make those connections. You can watch my video on EFT Tapping here.

Energy Profiling

Understanding how your energy impacts your reactions, tendencies, and decision-making is huge! I certainly didn’t create the concept of Energy Types, but I did create an Energy Type Beginner’s Guide to help you determine if you are Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4. You can find out more about determining your Energy Type here.

Understanding your Energy Type will open the door towards healing and understanding. It will be easier to see what pitfalls you are likely to face with your Type and what energies you bring into the world that are gifts! We are all unique and I simply want to open your energy flow so you can be your very best!

Chakra Healing

There are seven chakra systems that house and channel the energy within. You will absolutely want to order my top-selling book on Amazon, The Modern Chakra Guide. This explores realistic scenarios you will face in today’s busy world and seven steps you can take to awaken your energy system! Do not let the world get you down and hold you back. Order my book and begin that healing by opening and connecting all seven chakra centers in your body.

Color Support

Did you know all of the chakras are connected to colors? You can support your energy system and healing process by wearing certain colors. Surrounding yourself with colors that emphasize lacking or blocked energy centers. Just surrounding yourself with these colors as an energy field helps you subconsciously focus on them. So, while it might sound odd, wearing a bright red shade of lipstick, dressing in sunshine yellow, or painting a room turquoise are all different ways to impact your state of being! I love how color interacts with our life force and vibrations.

Green is the color for the heart chakra—promoting life, empathy, and compassion. Purple (or violet) is the ethereal color of the crown chakra—the color of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity. I love to talk about color in the home or your wardrobe, specifically the colors that support your energy system.

Sound Therapy and Mindful Silence

Noise impacts our energy system. I teach sound therapy that impacts the vibrations surrounding us. At the same time, I find that sometimes silence helps us still those vibrations and ground the upper chakras. Sometimes that silent meditation is actually accompanied by a low sound (think of the “om” chant) or a consistent sound (like white noise) to help increase the stillness of the mind. You can read more about my sound healing meditation and sound healing bowls here. Personally, I have designed nine sounds with my Tibetan Healing Bowls to support healing of depression, anxiety, abuse, and more.

Therapeutic Gemstones and Essential Oils

I use stones and oils from the earth as natural energy healers. Essential oils have been gaining a lot of steam with the younger crowds in the past few years, but they have been used for thousands of years! Do you remember the Wise Men bringing the baby Christ frankincense and myrrh? There are at least 33 different essential oils mentioned in the Bible, including special ones for anointing the priests. The Bible uses gemstones frequently too, including twelve precious stones that were set apart and given the names of the tribes of Isreal. Combined, they offer some wonderful support for spiritual healing as you restore the energy flow.

I believe these are God’s tools that he created for healing energy purposes within our bodies. The great Physician knew what he was doing when he made the earth and formed us from it! You can read more about my approach to therapeutic gemstone healing. Essential oils evoke physical and mental responses that can be used for energy healing and alternative medicine. You can read more about my work with essential oils for healing here.

My Complete Guide to Energy Healing

This list hasn’t covered every technique I use. There are so many types of energy healing and therapies that address certain aspects of the mind, body, and soul. My approaches will cover a wide range of healing therapies, from Yoga routines to energy poses, Qigong, eye movement techniques, energy medicines, mantra repetition, diet practices and so much more.

This is a journey, not a one-size-fits-all solution. The things that work for one aspect of your life or trauma may not even touch another struggle. It will take a lot of hard work and time to unravel the knotted root causes that are causing these blocks and disconnections. I’m sure you will need various approaches to dig down deep and heal that darkness within. But, I am here for you every step of the way.

Stop right now and go through my FREE Energy Healing Basics Guide. Let me walk you through things that are guaranteed to help jumpstart your healing journey!

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