How To Have A Healthy Relationship & Still Get What You Want

Are you letting these 3 negatives drag down your positive thinking?

You know the power that positive thinking has on your own healthy relationships.

But have you considered the possibility that you might be plugging into some negative energy that drags you down without realizing it?

Whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on what you truly want, you will create it. Affirmations and positive beliefs help you remember your sense of self-worth as you realize your own needs truly matter. This does wonders when you’re in a relationship because it helps you take care of your own needs from a place of love and honesty.

In the same way, if you focus on fears or the worst that could happen, those negative experiences will expand in your life.

This is why it’s so supportive of you to use positive thinking and affirmations to be free from any pain and to create the life you want.

This goes beyond just thinking positively about your relationship—it also includes letting go of practices that compromise your energy in other areas of your life.

Let’s talk about 3 ways you can get what you want and still have healthy relationships that are supportive and fulfilling to you.

#1. Be selective with the media you use.

What movies do you watch? Do they fill you with hope and positivity, or do they worry or scare you?

What about your music? Do your song choices uplift and energize you, or do they cause feelings of anxiety or stress?

How do you consume news? Also, consider your social media use. Tune in and notice how you feel during and after these experiences. You may be hurting your ability to get what you want out of life with too much negativity.

#2. Be intentional about the relationships you pursue.

There will be people you meet and, right away, you just click! It always feels positive and enjoyable to see and talk with them. You’ll also have faithful, old friends who show up in supportive and encouraging ways, time after time.

And then there will be certain people who you’re not meant to have a deep friendship with. These could even be your relatives.

Perhaps your paths have gone different ways, or you are more interested than they are in living your truth—which can cause tension.

Whatever the reason may be, notice when your energy drops. Guard your energy and remove yourself from negative friendships so you can remain in a high frequency and create the life you want.

#3. Be aware of the conversations you choose to participate in.

What used to feel like silly gossip may now feel like a betrayal of your true self.

If certain conversations cause you to compromise your values, become aware of how you feel when talking with certain people.

Your goal of having healthy relationships may require you to remove yourself from certain activities, engagements, and outings. Focus on what you want to create instead of thinking of it as something to avoid.

Get what you want by letting go of practices that no longer serve your highest good.

You are a gift just as you are, and you’re meant to share your gift of self with others. But you can’t be a gift to anyone else until you come into a higher vibration of your truth.

Continue to guard your energy and let go of things that aren’t worth it anymore!

What are other ways you’ve discovered to unplug from the negative energy that’s out there in the world? Share a comment.

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