3 Body Shaming Beliefs to Banish This Holiday Season

Simple "I am" affirmations replace body shame with self-love.

Have you ever been around another woman and heard her say, “I don’t like the way my butt/legs/stomach looks.”

Or what about when she points out someone in front of her and whispers, “I hope I don’t look like that.”

Maybe you’ve even had these body-shaming thoughts yourself.

You’re not alone. Growing up, many of our mothers modeled to us the unhealthy and wounding practice of comparing themselves to other women. They wanted to determine if their bodies and appearances were acceptable.

As women, we are notorious for shaming ourselves and our bodies with negative opinions we get from ourselves or from others, about our size and assertion of weight and measuring the value of our worth against other women.

As the holidays approach, you don’t want these negative beliefs to ruin your festivities. Now is a great time to let them go once and for all.

It’s time we choose to stop and replace these body-shaming beliefs with positive “I am” affirmations.

For years I have seen and heard women refer to the following body-shaming beliefs as the truth of who they are:

  1. “I am too fat.”
  2. “I am not thin enough.”
  3. “I need to lose weight.”

You may notice these 3 statements all have something in common—they are just versions of the same lie women have been falling victim to for decades, which is they’re not enough.

How can you believe your body is good enough if you don’t even believe that you are?

Fortunately, you can replace those lies with the truth of who you really are.

You may have a tendency to overeat this time of year during the holidays. When you overeat, your negative self-talk easily starts cycling through those same 3 negative beliefs.

These thoughts then create a sense of shame about your body. And this shame distracts you from the pleasant experiences you want to have during the holidays and robs you of your joy.

How to avoid those negative self-talk triggers:

1. Avoid eating late at night.

Eating late is often accompanied by overeating while watching television.

If you eat a dessert or a bedtime snack, it’s most likely empty calories loaded with sugar or unhealthy fats.

Potato chips, cookies, and ice cream are comforting, but they’re poor food choices when you’re not as active and less likely to burn off those calories so late in the day.

What you can do instead:

During the holiday season, make it a practice to not eat after 8 p.m. This added discipline will help you avoid the feeling of being stuffed. Save that stuffing for the turkey!

2. Avoid snacking while cooking holiday meals.

I admit I love to taste-test while I cook.

A nibble here and a nibble there can almost equal an entire meal before you even sit down to dinner. By the time you actually fill your plate, you’re eating nearly two meals!

What you can do instead:

Before you start cooking, eat something healthy. Avoid setting yourself up to overeat by cooking when hungry.

If you are already full and still have the tendency to graze while cooking, cut up some fresh fruit or veggies to munch on instead of the food you are preparing.

You will enjoy the finished product so much more and eliminate any guilt that then drives the negative self-talk and body shaming.

3. Overindulging at multiple holiday events.

During the holiday season, you may attend 2–3 events in one week and eat more than usual.

This adds up to consuming more calories than your body needs or is used to. You might end the week with a few unwanted pounds. And, depending on your social calendar, you may end up repeating the cycle throughout the holidays.

A busier schedule might also mean you neglect your fitness and workout commitments.

What you can do instead:

To avoid unwanted holiday weight gain and the guilt that goes with it, make your health your number #1 priority.

Eating a healthy and satisfying meal before attending a party or holiday gathering is a great way to avoid overdoing it on holiday goodies.

3 positive “I am” affirmations to hold instead

Turn those 3 previous body shaming beliefs into 3 empowering “I am” affirmations for abundance and beyond:

  1. “I am fit and healthy!”
  2. “I am making wise choices with food and exercise!”
  3. “I am beautiful just the way I am!”

Establish healthy year-round habits with this positive self-talk and affirmations for a healthier you.

As you reinforce your truth and honor your body with positive self-talk that you are enough, you will feel more inspired and confident in who you are.

What are some body-shaming beliefs you’ve held about your body? And what new positive affirmations will you replace them with? I’d love to read your affirmations in the comments below.

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