3 Reasons Why You Keep Feeling Rejected

You may have these 3 common beliefs that keep you feeling rejected

Think of the last time you felt the emotional pain of rejection, in one way or another.

You’re not alone in having these experiences. We’ve all dealt with the loneliness of rejection throughout our lives, oftentimes from an experience with friends, family, or a romantic partner.

But when we don’t heal the energetic imprint of that painful rejection, we subconsciously set ourselves up to create different situations of rejection in our lives.

3 common ways you keep creating the feeling of being rejected:

  1. You try to change yourself to be accepted by others.
  2. You spend a lot of time worrying about what others think and try to prevent social rejection by changing your behavior based on those fears. But when you do this, you get stuck in the “prevention” mindset instead of the “creation” mindset. You will continue to experience rejection—instead of creating a positive experience.

    Tip: It’s impossible for you to control how another person will respond to you. Replace this worry with a powerful healing affirmation of what you want to create: I am ready for full and complete acceptance of myself. As I accept the true me, others easily accept the true me.

  3. You’re afraid to let your guard down. You reject others before they reject you. 
  4. The physical pain of rejection you felt was hurtful, and as a result, you’ve learned to protect your heart. You don’t let people get too close. And once they do, you sabotage the relationship before they can hurt you first.

    This is fed by a deeper fear of abandonment, most likely from when you were a young child. It just repeats itself with different people and experiences in your life.

    Tip: Whether or not you’re aware of when this pattern first started for you, you can clear this energy easily and quickly. 

    I recently created a new healing resource in my Healing Center titled, Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection. This clearing session will help you clear out any guilt and worthlessness you may still carry from your experience of rejection.

  5. You feel there’s never enough love or support for you. 
  6. No matter how much encouragement or love you may experience in your life, you tend to focus on what you’re not getting. Your negative self-talk makes you notice what isn’t there—instead of recognizing what is there for you. It feels impossible to have enough love and support. You might even feel negative energy from your spouse, from your co-workers, or from friends and family members who you feel should be there for you…but aren’t.

    The reason you feel this way is because deep down, you believe that you deserve to be rejected. Your self-esteem is too low for you to feel you deserve any better.

    Tip: This deeper belief is going to win out every time unless you clean it up. You can clear that energy right now. Use this powerful affirmation to get you started: I forgive myself for having this belief and creating all of the patterns that are a by-product of it.

You deserve to create the beautiful experience of being supported, accepted, and respected wherever you go and whatever you are involved in.

What is a recent (or old) experience that has left you feeling rejected? Try my Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection so you can forgive yourself and create the experiences you want.

Bless you,

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