How to Practice Affirmative Prayer Using the Law of Attraction

How to move from prayers of lack to prayers of gratitude.

One thing that has helped me on my journey of healing is the power of prayer. My life has taken the greatest turns when I opened my heart, mind, and soul to God’s and Jesus Christ’s love and the bible. Without my daily prayer, positive energy, and a higher power, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Half of adults in the United States pray daily, and I often hear of wondrous stories about their answered prayers. Children beating cancer, parents finally escaping debt, friends getting the job they sought after for so long, and many more. We all love to hear the story of answered prayers. However, we must recognize there are more unanswered prayers in this world than answered ones.

Why is that? If God loves us, why doesn’t He give us all of the things we pray for? The answer is simple: the wrong language is used during prayer. Think about how you pray. Are you speaking positively or of your pain, despair, and frustration?

In order to experience the power of prayer often, you must understand the law of attraction (loa). Positivity attracts positivity, whereas negativity attracts negativity. It’s a simple law, and it is one you must understand in order to have your prayers answered.

If you think positively, then good things are more likely to happen to you. Similarly, if you assert (either in your mind, aloud, or in writing) that something already is the way you want it to be, then you begin a pattern of change in your life. You will eventually realize those desired requests!

When you pray, you need to allow your subconscious mind to apply the idea of affirmative prayer. This “new” way to pray changes the way you speak and combines the law of attraction. The two are a powerful force that will help you experience the power of prayer!

Steps to Affirmative Prayer

1. Believing and Opening

When it comes to beginning this first step, you must believe in God, or a Higher Power. You must believe in His mercy and His love. You must believe and understand He wants to bless you in this life and give you all of the love you deserve.

Once you understand that God wants only the best for you, begin to say your affirmations out loud. Don’t simply say them in your head. It doesn’t matter if they are worded perfectly; it just matters they are audible and true.

When you speak your affirmations, don’t bow your head. Raise it toward the heavens! Open yourself up to His grace and love. Release any judgment or resistance you may have. Say “I am loved by our Heavenly Father and I believe He wants to bless me!”

If you have spent years bowing your head in silence and praying, this may take time — just don’t give up! You can experience the power of prayer one step at a time.

2. Change Your Language When Praying

When you pray, listen to the words you are speaking to our Father. Try and remove negative thoughts and negative energy to bring in positive emotions. If you are, you are putting out negativity and attracting it, The law of attraction cannot be avoided.

If you find you are in a place you don’t want to be, and you are asking God to help you make up the difference, you will not feel your prayers are answered. The law of attraction won’t allow you to feel it.

You must avoid desperation. You must avoid negativity and bring in positive thoughts. You are someone who has hope, so don’t make yourself feel as if you have none. When your prayers begin with “please help me”, it puts yourself in a needy position. You and the holy spirit’s love are all you need for your well-being.

Unfortunately, most people do not pray often enough due to limiting beliefs. Over 20 percent of adults seldom pray (if ever). They find themselves praying as a last resort to fix their current situation. If this is you, you must pray more often and apply this advice I am giving you for expedited self development to your desired outcome.

Rather than approaching prayer with negative language, pray as if it has already happened. Thank Him for His kindness and love. Speak from your heart and remain positive. You can say, “Love, don’t let bad things happen to me and my family”, but that will provide you the opposite effect. Remember that the law of attraction works. Pray, “Love, please keep me and my family safe. We are grateful for all You have provided us and all of the future blessings we will receive from You.”

3. Take Control of Your Life

Personal development may be the most difficult step for some people. I remember the days of feeling stuck and struggling every day. I know how hard it can be to make the change in your own mind and decide, “I am going to be happy. I am going to live a blessed, affluent life.”

No one, and especially not our Lord, can make this decision for you. Even if you follow the first two steps of affirmative prayer, you are the only deciding factor if you will experience the power of prayer or continue to feel as if your prayers are not being answered.

When you take control of your life and say “I am blessed,” you will begin to see the true, powerful prayer. This is truly the secret to the power of prayer.

You Can Achieve Instant Results from Powerful Prayer

The secret to seeing your prayers answered is not negative language, but positive thinking. The universal laws show us that it is possible to achieve results nearly instantly, from days to two weeks!

Take this example to heart. You have lost your keys, you’re 10 minutes late, and an accident is already causing a five-minute delay. You pray, “Please, Lord! Please help me find my keys!” You continue to walk around frustrated and looking everywhere (or so you think – you’ve probably walked past them three times). Finally, you find them. “Thank you, Lord! I am so blessed,” you cheer. Now, imagine if you had prayed, “Lord, thank you for your patience while I search for my keys. I know they are right under my nose, and I know I will find them and be out the door in no time.” Guess what would have happened? You would have found them much quicker and hopefully avoided frustration.

This is one very small example of how the right language in prayer can put the law of attraction into the right direction. This can — and should — be applied to all aspects of your prayer to God. From career changes, family, strangers, health, wars to anything else you can imagine, every prayer should be filled with positive language to achieve the answers you seek. That’s the secret that I and every other powerful prayer use when we speak to God.

The Secret Is Affirmative Prayer

The reason affirmative prayer is so powerful is because God appreciates it so much more than you can imagine. You are showing Him that you love and trust Him. You understand He loves you and He wants to bless you.

Has this article helped you in understanding this powerful law? What will you do differently the next time you pray, you have free will!

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