Numerology & the Energetic Meaning of the Year 2020

If you’re anything like me, you won’t just be asking yourself where the last 10 years have gone, but where the last 20 years have disappeared to!

We’ve just entered a new decade, but many of us will be able to clearly remember the excitement about a new millennium. You probably even remember the panic about ‘the millennium bug’ and what the year 2000 would mean for our computers and laptops! There was a crazy universal energy at the time, and there’s been plenty of crazy world events since then.

There’s no getting away from the fact that a new year brings a new energy to us all, but today I’d like to tell you a little about what 2020’s energy means for each of us. We’ll explore numerology, Chinese astrology, energetic vibrations, and how the new year’s energy chimes with our chakras too, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the next year!

Vibrations or Meaning of 2020

2020 is an important number, not just because it means we’re starting a new decade.

New is an important word to focus on, and it represents the energy of this next calendar year perfectly. 2020’s vibrations are all about newness, new beginnings, and starting new journeys.

As well as being the current year, the number 2020 has another meaning. When we talk about visual health, 20/20 is the term used to describe someone whose vision is correct and clear. When I talk about vision, I’m more likely to be discussing the Third Eye chakra than I am a visit to the optician, but the two things are certainly linked!

In 2020, we’re going to experience a lot of clarity in our inner visions, especially about the direction our lives could take. Don’t be surprised or alarmed if you’ve felt more in-tune with your personal intuition this year; you’re certainly not the only person who’s experiencing this.

Numerology of 2020

Generally, numerologists work with single-digit numbers, with the exception of master numbers. As such, 2+0+2+0 = 4, and 4 is a number that’s closely associated with a very pragmatic energy.

It’s useful to consider what this energy might feel like when it manifests. The best way I can explain it is to imagine you’ve got that feeling that you want to clean your house! A pragmatic energy would see you empty those cupboards you’ve been avoiding and get rid of everything you don’t need; approaching your task with a sensible, level head.

This decluttering, organizing feeling ties into the clarity of vision that we’ve already talked about. The tasks and goals won’t feel out of your reach in 2020; instead, you’ll feel like you’ve got the commitment and vision needed to get things done.

With these things in mind, it’s worth asking yourself:

What am I going to follow through on this year?

Maybe you have wellness goals? Perhaps this is the year you put the hard work into a project you’ve got in mind? Or maybe it’s time to work on letting go of things that held you back last year?

Chinese Astrology

In the Chinese Astrology charts, 2020 is the year of the rat – a Chinese zodiac sign that is considered to be a symbol of “initiation” or a starting point.

Again, this ties together with the numerology chart almost seamlessly. This year is going to represent the beginning of so many new things in your life, and we already know you’re going to be blessed with the energy you need to see these new endeavors through.

Energy Profiling

What happens when we look at the numbers we’re associating with next year in relation to the different Energy Types you’ll find in my Energy Profiling system?

Let’s start with the energy of a Type 2:

People with Type 2 energy are typically quite calm and take a gentler, more sensitive approach to life.  This sensitivity supports them in having empathy for others, but there’s also a lesson here about 2020 being a year when you’re less judgmental about your own true self and what you’d like from your own personal year.

On the other hand, the energy of a Type 4 is a little more straightforward, walking your talk, being the authority in your own life, and following through with the actions that are going to help move you in a positive direction.


Since we’ve looked at the Type 2 and Type 4 energy types, it makes sense to look at the second and fourth chakras in a little more detail too.

The Sacral Chakra is our second energy center, found in your lower abdomen. This second chakra helps you form romantic and intimate relationships, as well as being the energy center that pleasure, self-identity, and creativity all flow from.

When you feel like you have the desire to create or change something, that’s your Sacral chakra at work. In 2020, the energy that circles this chakra is going to help you nurture and indulge this creative streak, helping you to find more pleasure and fulfillment in your life.

We’ve recognized how important the number 4 is this year too, and your fourth chakra is the Heart. Heart-centered energy revolves around love for yourself and others, especially around acceptance.

Once again, Heart chakra energy is closely related to the Type 2 energy that we’ve already discussed, helping to bring a more caring, gentle, and sensitive energy to the universal year. It’s also worth noting that the Heart is also the place where much meaningful transformation and change begins, another surefire sign that 2020 promises lots of exciting new opportunities and possibilities.

What will you achieve in 2020?

It seems that whichever angle we’re viewing it from, there are some strong energy themes that are going to run through the coming year.

2020 is going to be a great year that’s packed with new opportunities, new levels of self-awareness, higher levels of clarity, and a deeper understanding of the directions that are right for us.

Don’t worry though, 2020 doesn’t have to be a year where you force decisions or transformation. The fact that the Heart chakra is going to be strongly engaged means these will be authentic changes that come when they’re right for you.

With all these things in mind, what are your intentions for 2020? And which of my 2020 interpretations spoke the most clearly to you?

I’m always delighted and fascinated to hear about what people are hoping to get from the coming year. Have you neglected something and feel like 2020 is the time to pick things back up and get things back on track? Perhaps the change you need simply involves being a little more accepting of who you are, and moving life forward from a place of acceptance and peace?

If you know what your calling is for 2020, then I’m certain this will be the year that you follow it through. Then again, if you’re still deciding where you’d like the year to take you, why not explore my book, The Modern Chakra Guide? It’ll help you activate and balance your chakra energies in a way that helps you rise above the chaos of modern life!


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