What Does 2021 Mean? Numerology and Energetic Meaning of 2021

I have great news!

2021 is just around the corner and the potential is HUGE.

We just finished a tough year. From COVID to social injustices, there has been a lot of pain, anger and heartache in 2020. I’ve spent the year choosing joy and encouraging you to choose joy no matter the circumstance, but I am still ready for a change.

Looking back to 2020, I wrote: “In 2020, we’re going to experience a lot of clarity in our inner visions, especially about the direction our lives could take.”

Ha! That held more weight than I knew at the time. We certainly had more time to take a long hard look at our inner visions and life directions with stay-at-home orders in place. I really hope you took advantage of those quiet moments when your schedule was forced to move at a slower pace. I know it wasn’t easy, but it was an opportunity to focus on something else.

I wrote, “Don’t be surprised or alarmed if you’ve felt more in-tune with your intuition this year; you’re certainly not the only person who’s experiencing this.” Of course, you weren’t alone! The whole world had to experience this pandemic. It was a global stop like we haven’t experienced during our lifetimes.

The start of a new decade with 2020 was something to remember, but 2021 will be different.

And always remember: the year will be entirely dependent on YOU. No matter what is happening, what you put out there is far more important.

What you choose to do with 2021 is going to depend on whether you have the creation mentality or the prevention mentality. The prevention mentality keeps you rooted in fear, trying to avoid hardships and feeling powerless. With a creation mentality, you will choose your own path as the author of your future.

Vibrations or Meaning of 2021

2021 is giving us an open door!

This is the year where “anything goes.” This doesn’t mean you should live recklessly, but it does mean that your intuition may be different than everyone else’s. We are all going to need to follow our own understandings and perspectives, so it may feel like a little bit of a free-for-all when it comes to what “works.”

Our message for 2020 was to know ourselves better and to understand what is correct for ourselves.

Taking that into 2021, we should be better prepared to understand where we need to take that. It won’t look the same for everyone. We shouldn’t be looking outside of ourselves for those answers, but within. You already know deep down the right or wrong direction for your life. Use your insight to choose the right path that works best for you.

In 2021, we are going to need to use our root chakra to take action. If 2020 was all about vision (and the third eye), then 2021 is all about having the guts (or balls, to put it crudely but more pointedly) to do what we know is right. You will see this even more clearly in the Chinese astrology I discuss below.

Numerology of 2021

Most numerologists use single-digit numbers (except for master numbers). So, for 2021, you would break it down into:

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

So, we can expect the numbers 2 and 1 to hold a lot of meaning for this year.

And, together they make 5, which is a number that is often considered the pivotal point. It is the bridge or center between your chakras. If 2020 was the year of understanding, then 2021 is crossing the bridge into action.

In numerology, the number 5 represents change, freedom and curiosity. It’s often represented by all five senses. You are going to face a lot of decisions and choices for the future.

I want you to stop and give yourself the freedom to change this year.

Stop holding onto the rules of others so tightly. Give yourself room to change and believe that change is possible. Remember, anything goes! What you put your focus on will happen.

Chinese Astrology

2021 is the year of the Bull (or Ox) in Chinese Astrology (remember the root chakra?). This zodiac sign is considered lucky, often connected with income, investment and economy. The last year of the bull was 2009, coming right after the Great Recession of 2008.

So, it’s pretty interesting that this year comes after the worldwide pandemic of 2020!

And this isn’t just any year of the Ox. It is the year of the Metal Ox. Success is going to come to those working hard. Many pair metal with jewelry and gold (hence, the investment and economy focus).

This will be a perfect year to check out my book on Mastering Affluence if you haven’t already read it. I work through how you can become affluent in every area of your life by setting intentions and using the Law of Attraction. You can also purchase Mastering Affluence on Amazon here.

Energy Profiling

We can use the numbers associated with 2021 (2 and 1) to look at the Energy Types that will tell us even more about the year.

Type 2: People with Type 2 are typically highly sensitive and intuitive introverts. They are empathetic and tend to go with the flow. They are soft but push forward, moving fluidly.

Type 1: People who have Type 1 Energy are always moving up and out. They have a light and animated kind of energy. They are highly creative and often sensitive to others in an extroverted way.

With these Types in mind, we can expect 2021 to be moving and filled with a lot of emotions.

You can check out more about Energy Types in my Energy Profiling system. It will be really helpful to know what Energy Type you are if you haven’t already taken my quiz.


Based on the numerology, we should be looking at the first and second chakras (2021) and the center chakra (2+2+1=5, which is the central number).

We already talked about the first chakra (rootchakra). It’s pretty neat how it all lines up, right? That first energy center is going to be the place of action and stability. You make moves from your root chakra, and you are grounded if you are focused on that chakra.

The second chakra fits right in too—the Sacral chakra. This is located in your lower abdomen and responsible for your passion. The idea that “everything goes” makes sense if you are supposed to approach this year with your gut feelings. Whenever you have that deep desire to make a change, that is your Sacral chakra! And, as a year of change, the numbers are pushing you to rely more on your gut feelings than ever before.

Because the numerology also points to the number 5 (which is the center number or the bridge), it’s safe to say the heart chakra will come into play a lot. This is the center between the upper and lower chakras and the connection between the spiritual and physical. This is how you push your energy into the world—Type 1 will draw from the upper chakras for energy, and Type 2 will draw from the lower chakras. Stay balanced so you don’t get burned out shifting from a year of more inward focus to a year of more outward movement.

What Does the Universe Say About 2021?

Nothing is an accident. Nothing is forced onto you.

Whatever direction 2021 takes you, you can respond with joy from a place of creative energy. We can choose to respond as the victim or as the creator of our future. Nothing is going to magically change; the energy you’ve been drawing in and pushing out for 2020 is going to have a big impact on 2021. You are going to have to really put in the work this year, but that work is going to pay off big time!

2021 is going to be a year packed with change and movement. You can use the insight you gained in 2020 to help you make great strides in 2021.

I hope you join me in my Healing Center so we can journey through this year together.

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